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Mayor - Emanuel Ransom

Mayor RansomIMG 8855Elected to Office: 2007
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, PA
City Boards/Commissions Served: Zoning & Review Commission, LCI Core Team, Community Advisory Committee (CAC), Community Involvements & Organizations, Clarkston Community Center, DeKalb County HOST Committee, GMA, DMA, Inter-Faith Committee, appointed to the DeKalb County Parks and Recreation's oversight committee to represent DMA.
Goals for Clarkston - To develop a viable Town Center that will be a revenue producing entity.  To stabilize Property Values and to open avenues for employment and to leverage citizen participation in City activities.
Personal Motto:  Where possibilities Grow


Contact Information
City of Clarkston
3921 Church Street
Clarkston, GA 30021
404-392-9347 (cell)
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